Torino Dreams

Being a border state, New Mexico has it’s share of problems with drugs and drug running, chop shops and stolen parts rings, gangs, and illegal street racing. Growing up in this area, you hear about these sort of things whether you’re involved in them or not. They are scary things in real life, but like many of my books, the area I live in helped inspire this story.

Torino Dreams

 Kate hates hiding, but the risk of her past sneaking up on her is too great to risk getting involved in anyone else’s problems. At least, until getting involved is the only way to avoid a run-in with the police.

The snow was to blame for the car wreck, but desperation forces Kate to make Sam an offer she’s sure she’ll regret. If she can fix Sam’s car and send him on his way without the getting the cops involved, she can get back to her normal, safe life.

It should be easy enough. Kate knows cars better than almost anything else. She can repair the damage to the car, but can she protect herself from falling for Sam and putting everything she’s worked for in danger?

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