My writing is as eclectic as my reading. I know the advice is to focus on a genre and build a following there, but I write what interests me, and that includes a lot of different topics, age groups, and styles. So, if you’re not sure where to start with my books, here’s a breakdown. Click the title link to take you to the right page, and start reading!

Young Adult

You’re never too old to read YA! 

Someone Wicked This Way Comes Series (4 books, Complete)

The Aerling Series (3 books, Complete)

Twin Souls Saga (3 books, Complete)

The Destroyer Trilogy (3 books, Complete)

Escaping Fate Series (2 books so far, serial)

Child of Destruction (2 books, Coming soon)

What Had to be Done (1 book, standalone)

New Adult

New experiences, new mistakes, new adventures…

Eliza Carlisle Mystery Series (4 book, 1 novella, serial)

The Ghost Host (2 books, serial)

Life & Being (1 book, probably 3-4 books total)


Every story needs a little romance!

Date Shark Series (5 books, complete)

The Handbook Series (2 books, working on book 3)

Memory’s Edge Duet (2 part series, complete)

Torino Dreams (1 book, standalone)