Writing Coach


First of all, what is a writing coach?

A writing coach helps writers develop ideas into completed novels. This includes developing an initial idea into a fleshed out storyline, organizing plots and subplots, working through blocks or stubborn scenes, identifying and fixing plot holes or story problems, developing tone and style, providing accountability and maintaining a writing schedule, and polishing a manuscript to prepare for submission or publication.

Why am I talking about this?

I love teaching and sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired over my years of writing. While teaching allows me to pass on what I’ve learned, it doesn’t often give me the opportunity to work on specific problems or projects with students. I love working with new or struggling writers and helping them overcome whatever blocks are holding back their writing. Coaching gives me that chance to provide more specific guidance and really make a difference.

What type of projects do I take on?

At this time I only work with fiction projects and specialize in young adult, romance, mystery, and paranormal. While the best time to hire a writing coach is at the beginning of a project, I am also open to jumping in to help address a specific problem an author might be struggling with. Some authors may need coaching throughout a project, while others only need occasional support and guidance.

Am I the right coach for you?

I currently have 29 full-length novels published, along with several novellas, box sets, and anthologies. I have hit the USA Today Bestseller list twice while participating in multi-author box sets and I have been teaching writing and publishing since 2015.

What does hiring a writing coach cost?

$200 for a one-time 60-minute phone/Skype session

$400/month for 2 60-minute phone/Skype calls + unlimited email support

Do you have additional questions?

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