Welcome to the landing page for my newest endeavor, the WRITE. PUBLISH. REPEAT. Podcast

WPR Header ImageThis podcast is aimed sat helping writers with a wide variety of topics in writing, publishing, and marketing. It’s a mix of lecture-style podcasts using information taken from the curriculum of the classes I teach and conversations with other authors willing to share their advice and experiences.

So, if you’re interested in writing, the publishing industry, or learning how to market your books better, you’ve found the right place!

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Episode 1: What to Write a Query Letter Without Going Completely Crazy

Episode 2: Query Letters and Social Media with guest SeriouslyGina

Episode 3: Creating a Marketing Plan That’s Actually Doable – Part One

Episode 4: Creating a Marketing Plan That’s Actually Doable – Part Two

Episode 5: Author Collaboration with Guest Melissa Eskue Ousley

Episode 6: Creating a Character with Depth

Episode 7: Creating a Backstory that Matters

Episode 8: The Art of Dialogue

BONUS: Chapter 1 of The Crazy Girl’s Handbook

BONUS: Collaborative Publishing with Scot Bury

Episode 9: Writing the Opposite Sex

BONUS: Writing, Travel, and Multiple Genres with Emily Kimelman

BONUS: Writing, Life, and Keeping Balance with Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar

Episode 10: Writing Villains and Secondary Characters

Bonus: The Ghost Host Chapter 1

Episode 11: Notes from a Book Buyer

Episode 12: 3 Tips for Researching Paranormal

Episode 13: Genre Tropes are like Bunnies

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