Talking to Dogs…

Our puppy, Finn

Things you’ll probably never say unless you have a puppy…

1. Stop trying to eat your foot!

(Poor guy got his nail stuck on his cage and ripped half of it off and it had to be bandaged, which he kept trying to get off!)

2. No I don’t want doggy kisses!

3. Quit trying to eat my hair!

4. Stop biting the Christmas tree!

5. Toes are not chew toys!

6. Are you eating leaves?

7. Can you please do your business without stepping in it immediately after?

8. Why are you shoving your face down the back of the couch?

9. Seriously? You just peed five seconds ago!

10. Don’t eat rocks!

In all fairness…

I have said a few of these to my kids, too, but still. Puppies certainly are an adventure!

What crazy things have you said to one of your pets?