Things To Remember When at the Library

b98da-boywithbookMy kids love the library, especially recently. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve been there over the last few months, or how many books we’ve checked out. I have, however, learned a few important lessons!

1. Set a book limit!

Otherwise your kid will check out a billion books, that mix in with your books, and of course your kiddo can’t remember which books they checked out to be able to find them all again.

2. Keep your check out receipt in a safe place!

Our library will email us our receipt, which is awesome, because I lose stuff a lot. When your kid loses all their books in their room, this will be invaluable in hunting them all back down.

3. When it’s time to gather up the library books to return Girl with Book 3them…HIDE THEM!

Or else one of your kids (who shall remain nameless) will grab one out of the stack and take it to school to read during AR time and then forget it at school (of course) on a Friday, which means you can’t return it until Monday.

4. Use the electronic book return!

If your library has an electronic book return, and the receipt gives you a coupon for $5 off your late fees, hoard those babies like they’re made out of gold. With all the books lost in bedrooms, left at school, or just misplaced somewhere else, you’re going to need them!

5. Make friends with your librarians.

Some books are shelved in super weird places, like all the 39 Clues books being shelved by the author (all the books have different authors) so trying to find the next book in the series is like an Easter egg hunt in Yellowstone! Your librarian can save you a lot of time!