Kids and Dogs and Clorox Wipes

2014-11-20 07.42.01Honestly, I don’t know who we’re trying harder to train, our puppy or our kids. 

I get that Finn is barely three months old, and while I don’t know specifically what that compares to in a human child as far as intelligence goes, but he’s a baby still. He doesn’t seem to realize that the tail he keeps trying to bite the heck out of is attached to his body. Potty training and “no biting” is going to take time.

My kids, however, are eight and eleven. They should understand that they can’t leave their shoes on the floor to get eaten and actually have to keep an eye on the puppy and remember to let him out to pee when they’re watching him. Instead, shoes get gnawed on, floors get peed on, and Finn ends up trying to eat whatever toys get left on the floor. 2014-11-21 07.46.21 copy

We’ve gone through a lot of puppy treats and Clorox wipes over the last few weeks. I wish offering my kids treats to get them to remember to help train the dog was as effective as it is with Finn. Instead, I’m considering putting them in obedience classes along with Finn. I wonder if they would give the kids dog biscuits or M&Ms? Actually my daughter would probably be okay with getting dog biscuits for rewards. She keeps asking if she can try on to see what they taste like.

So, while I search for a kid/dog training program along with the number for a good carpet cleaning company, give me your suggestions for training not only puppies, but kids as well. 

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