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Random Things Because my Brain is Fried

Ever had one of those weeks where your brain feels like this by Friday?

Fried EggIt’s been a busy week and I think my husband, kids, and me are all ready for a nice long weekend. With soccer, packing, hauling things to the dump, dinner, puppies causing trouble, work, cleaning, planning, and all the other fun stuff that goes along with everyday life, there are always those few random things that you think about in the in moments where you’re too tired to really think of anything important. Like…

Why do I like to put my socks on before anything else? 

Why does the puppy like to sleep with his legs straight out from his body, crossed at the middle like he’s been frozen mid crazy run?

How many nicks in the paint on your house can you possibly cause in six and a half years? (You’ll find out the answer when you have to go around retouching paint!) 

Is there a reason we still have the cords and plugs to eighty three pieces of electronics we don’t even own anymore?

We don’t even own a VHS player. What do I do with the box of old tapes in the stairs closet? 

Is there actually a point to Minecraft?

Is Netflix ever going to add another season of Warehouse 13? 

Just how many services am I going to have to call and have moved to the new house? (Answer: too many!)

Why is the antiseptic spray at work so freaking sticky when it gets on the floor?

What was I about to do?

What random thoughts go through your head during the week?

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