#WickedRevenge: It’s DONE!

Wicked fans have been waiting a while…a long while…for the final installment of the Someone Wicked This Way Comes Series.

WickedRevenge Title.jpg

Book 3 (Wicked Glory) was supposed to be the last book. There was too much to fit everything in, wrap up all the questions, and not give readers whiplash.

So, a book 4 was needed. Unfortunately, so was the time to write it. Not only was 2015 super busy, I overloaded my writing schedule and got behind on just about everything. Add it the fact that I always go into panic mode about finishing a series, and there’s a reason this book is coming out more than a year and a half after book 3.


Wicked Revenge is going into editing mode, but I’ll have it up for pre-order while that’s happening…which will be soon. But just in case you’re having Ketchup withdrawals, here’s a peek a what’s coming up in the fourth and FINAL (for real this time) installment of this wicked series.

And in advance, yes I know I’m so mean for sharing this excerpt, but I had to…


“Van,” he says slowly, “we need to go, now.”

“What?” I ask a split second before the glass of both passenger side windows explodes.

Wicked Revenge GOLD FRONTLunging for Ketchup, I drag him down to the wheel wells and throw my body on top of him. Bullets continue to slam into the car, jerking it back and forth as I bite back a terrified scream. Heat sears across my shoulder, and at least one bullet is lodged in my left thigh. It’s only seconds, maybe five, but it feels like a lifetime before the report of gunfire stops and squealing tires replaces it.

As soon as it does, I lift myself off Ketchup and ask, “Are you okay? Ketchup?”

I’m stuck trying to get out from under the steering wheel when a strange choking noise freezes me. Warm fluid bursts against my forearm and suddenly I can’t breathe. “Ketchup? Ketchup? Answer me!” Panicked scrambling gets me out from under the steering wheel and I reach for his half-turned body. Terror and my own pain kept me from recognizing anything else until I saw the blood seeping from his chest.

Tears blur my vision as I start babbling, “No, no, no, no,” over and over again. His pains overwhelms me and my hunger screams at me to lap it up, but I can’t. This is my fault. My doing. I knew how dangerous it was to leave without protection. I didn’t care when I sped away from the house, didn’t put his safety above my own delusional self-importance.

Find out what happens next in Wicked Revenge!!!

Find the rest of the series HERE


Is Summer Over Yet?

The family and I have had a lot of fun this summer…

Those who follow me on social media have probably gotten sick of pictures from our Denver adventures, hiking, frisbee golfing, camping, dinosaur bones, and working on our basement. I’m sure they’re glad I held back on photos of the splash pad, weeding the monstrous weeds that keep springing up thanks to the unseasonable rain, or all the other random activities. It’s been a crazy busy, but fun summer, but it’s winding down and I think we’re all just about ready to get back to our regular schedules.

This is what we all feel like by this point, lol!
This is what we all feel like by this point, lol!

What’s on the schedule for fall?

An equally busy schedule. My son is joining track and First Lego League, my daughter will be back into soccer soon, they both need swimming lessons, my husband is planning to start a podcast (which I’m really excited about!), I’ve got classes to teach, plus our usual day jobs, and hopefully a family vacation to Disneyland!

What’s on the writing schedule?

Finish up the final details of the AERLING SERIES BOX SET (releasing August 15th).

Finish and prep THE GHOST HOST for release (Sept 2 pre-order, full release Oct 13th).

Get to work on (AND finish) WICKED REVENGE.

Pre-Order (Sept 22) and Release (Oct 6) of THE ONLY SHARK IN THE SEA.

Turn in final draft of SHARK IN TROUBLED WATERS (first week of August, release date pending).

At some point work on various other projects like “Eliza Carlisle Mystery,” “Humanity Chronicles,” unnamed paranormal NA book I will eventually figure out a name for, and probably a few others I’ve forgotten about by now.

What are your plans for the fall?