Dreams, Nightmares, or Something In Between

I’ve heard other authors say they got the idea for their book from a dream. That’s never happened to me, though I do tend to plot out my books and scenes while I try to fall asleep. I do, however, write about some pretty interesting dreams. Or are they nightmares? Or something in between?

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Arrabella started out dreaming about Aztec human sacrifices, then moved on to Celtic curse stones. In book 3, hopefully coming out in late 2015, her dreams will take a slightly different track. The curse will be a little different, though I’ll keep it to myself justĀ how it will be different. Regardless, it should be interesting, and Yes, there will be plenty of trouble stirred up with Bas and Tanner as well.

Escaping Fate will be an ongoing series, meaning that while the characters stay more or less the same, each book will contain its own story, and the the series have no particular end date. Each story will focus on whatever turns up in Arra’s dreams, be there everyday curses (if there is such a thing), or something a little more unusual.

So, I’d love your input.

What type of curses have piqued your interest? They can be from any culture, mythology, etc. or just something completely made up. I’d love to hear your suggestions!

While you’re thinking…

If you’d like to check out what dreams have been plaguing Arra so far, book 1 is FREE on most ebook platforms, and book 2 is also available now. Book 3 should be coming sometime later this year. I’ll keep you updated!

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