Ainsley Kincade

Meet Ainsley Kincade

While some of my books have sex in them, it’s usually fairly tame. When I decide to write something a bit spicier and more descriptive, I choose to use a pen name to make sure my young readers didn’t stumble upon by accident and get more than they were expecting.

Books written under my Kincade pen name are for readers who are 18 and older.

No Going Back

A Standalone Romance Novel

For the past year, Reagan has done everything she can to impress her boss and prove herself to the magazine. Past insults and accusations of sleeping her way to the top are behind her. The closest thing she has to a relationship, now, is fantasizing about her boss behind her locked office door. She’s happy to continue like this forever until Mr. Donovan suddenly needs a favor, a big favor that will leave her at the mercy of a man who could either cement her status at the magazine, or land her in underling purgatory.

Mr. Donovan’s plea for help turns into a disastrous night, compounded by embarrassment at passing out drunk in her boss’s arms. To Regean, it’s a night she desperately wants to forget ever happened. To Mr. Donovan, it’s the chance to make a move he’s been waiting for, for over a year, but a threat from his past makes him hesitate. He can’t put another woman he cares about in danger, yet he can’t stay away from her, either. What started as a simple favor quickly becomes a tangled mess of past mistakes, intoxicating sex, and smoldering desire for revenge.