Special Edition: Date Shark Business

After taking some time away from the blog last week due to being sick and having a ton of stuff to do to get ready for a trip to Denver Comic Con this weekend, I have some updates for everyone on the Date Shark Series.

Announcement #1…

Date Shark SeriesBook 3, “The Only Shark In The Sea,” is currently out to beta readers and early responses have been very helpful and overall happily positive!

If you’d like a little sneak peek at Vance and Natalie’s story, check out an excerpt here on Bestselling Reads: Focus Friday.

Announcement #2…

I probably won’t have a cover or release date until sometime in June once I send revisions to my editor/publisher, but I thought we might as well get in the Date Shark spirit and have a little fun with the idea behind this series.

So it’s time to have a CONTEST!!!

Comment below with your worst date story (feel free to leave out names if you so choose) and you’ll be entered to win an ebook bundle of all 3 Date Shark books PLUS a $10 Amazon Gift Card. And as a bonus, if you are willing, your bad date story could be included in the fourth book in the series!

Date Shark Contest

Announcement #3…

Guy Saint Laurent from Date Shark #2, Shark Out of Water, is up for Hottest Guy in the 2015 Romance blogfest! Pop over, check out all the guys, and VOTE FOR GUY!

Vote for Guy in the Hottest Guy Competition!

 Announcement #4…

Just in case you didn’t know:

Book 1, Date Shark, is currently FREE on Kindle and iBooks and is 0.99 on Nook, or you can order a paperback from Amazon or B&N…

Amazon iBooksBarnes & Noble

Book 2 is also available for only $3.99 on Kindle or in paperback from Amazon and B&N…

AmazonBarnes & Noble

Or if you’re willing to review on Amazon and Goodreads, send me a message about getting a free review copy of any of the Date Shark books or my other books.

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DelSheree Gladden was one of those shy, quiet kids who spent more time reading than talking. Literally. She didn't speak a single word for the first three months of preschool. Her fascination with reading led to many hours spent in the library and bookstores, and eventually to writing. She wrote her first novel when she was sixteen years old, but spent ten years rewriting it before having it published. Native to New Mexico, DelSheree and her family spent several years in Colorado for college and work before moving back home to be near family. When not writing novels, you can find DelSheree reading, painting, sewing, and working with other authors. DelSheree has several bestselling young adult series and has hit the USA Today Bestseller list twice as part of box sets. DelSheree also has contemporary romance, cozy mystery, and paranormal new adult series. Her writing is as varied as her reading interests.

10 thoughts on “Special Edition: Date Shark Business”

  1. When my husband and I were dating we went out to eat at Red Lobster. I ordered an alcoholic drink to go along with my fish. Big mistake, I know. So we finish eating and he drives me home. We are almost to my house and I start feeling nauseated. He pulls into my driveway and I give him a quick peck and open the car door and proceed to puke in the driveway. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t say anything, I just ran into the house!

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    1. Oh no!! Hopefully it all got taken care of pretty fast and you didn’t end up with a bunch of charges! That would certainly make a date memorable unfortunately.


  2. My worst date was…when I was at an event in St. Paul a nice handsome guy can up to me and ask me out that eventing. It was simple as that, yea. We talk and got to know each other. Like I say he’s a nice, but nice guy tent to be a bad guy lol. Anyway that day went smoothly like any normal day. We exchange numbers. We text back and ford talk a bit on the phone. It actually make me happy and giddy. I thought back on what he first said to me…that I was too tall for a men like him to be talking to me in the first place. I thought ok that was rude. Men will men *eyerolls* lol. That night when he call me to meet up at a VIP event that was going on that night. A date at an VIP event might as will go. I wasn’t much of a clubber or a drinker either. I dress to impress a little black dress and my cute red high heels to go with my outfit. When I got their it was pack. There was 2 long line on both sides. One is for 18 and the other side is for 21 and in front was the VIP line. I wait about a good 30 minutes in the VIP line. The weather was bad like really bad plus snow was falling everywhere. Anyways I was just wait in line for Stanley. I’m checking my phone every now and then. I hope he show up soon. Its freezing now. Just think about it, you’re in a black dress wearing your favor red high heels and just standing in line just for this Stanley guy to show up and your freezing your ass off. My hands were pale and numb. Suddenly I get a text from him that he’s not coming. All i got was not coming not coming wtf. I didn’t just come and waiting in line just to be stood up for no reason. I was about to cuss to the next person that I see. I was mad no was going to explode. What a horrible night to end.
    So that was my worst date ever.

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    1. Oh my goodness! That totally sounds like something that could go in one of the date shark books! Lol! Have you watched the Bates Motel series? Super creepy!


      1. Mary Preston, I’ve had a hard time getting in contact with you to tell you that you’re the winner so I’m hoping you see this reply! Contact me through my contact page to claim your prize. I loved your story! 🙂

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    2. Mary Preston, I’ve had a hard time getting in contact with you to tell you that you’re the winner so I’m hoping you see this reply! Contact me through my contact page to claim your prize. I loved your story! 🙂


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