10 clues that you might be behind and will never catch up…

Colorful town1. Comic Con is literally 4 weeks away and you haven’t even started making your costumes yet. Yep. Not good.

2. Your publisher thinks you might have died because they haven’t heard from you in months.

3. Your close friends think you might have died because they haven’t heard from you in months either!

4. You have to go back four pages in your inbox to find an email you have  looked at.

5. The stack of packages waiting to be mailed are gathering dust.

6. You lost one of your seven to-do lists and now have no idea what you forgot to get at the store.

7. You’ve resorted to writing things on your arm because Google calendar alerts disappear if you ignore them long enough.

8. Your kids have missed more soccer practices than they’ve attended in the last few weeks.

9. You fall asleep half a paragraph into the book you’ve been trying to read every time you pick it up.

10. You just realized you missed the deadline on at least three separate things that you’ve had on an open tab on your browser for about a week.

Where’s your assistant when you really need them? Oh yeah, I don’t have one!

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DelSheree Gladden was one of those shy, quiet kids who spent more time reading than talking. Literally. She didn't speak a single word for the first three months of preschool. Her fascination with reading led to many hours spent in the library and bookstores, and eventually to writing. She wrote her first novel when she was sixteen years old, but spent ten years rewriting it before having it published. Native to New Mexico, DelSheree and her family spent several years in Colorado for college and work before moving back home to be near family. When not writing novels, you can find DelSheree reading, painting, sewing, and working with other authors. DelSheree has several bestselling young adult series and has hit the USA Today Bestseller list twice as part of box sets. DelSheree also has contemporary romance, cozy mystery, and paranormal new adult series. Her writing is as varied as her reading interests.

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