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One of my most interesting writing journeys started just over a year ago…

I had joined Wattpad several years ago, but didn’t really know how to use it. I’d posted a few chapters and pretty much just left them there to sit. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine, the lovely Apryl Baker, started telling me how great Wattpad was for interacting with readers. She encouraged me to contact the admins at Wattpad about having Invisible featured. I only had four or five chapters up at the time, but I thought, why not?

That’s when things really got interesting…

The day Invisible launched as a featured book on Wattpad on September of 2013, my email notifications went bananas! All day and night I kept getting emails from Wattpad about new followers, comments, messages, etc. I was floored!
I also hadn’t finished the book yet, so I got busy writing! During that time I was out of town training for a new job, so I put the time to good use writing in the evenings after my temporary housemates had gone to bed. During those two weeks, I was able to finish writing the last half of Invisible and get it posted on Wattpad for the hungry readers nipping at my heels.

And then…

As soon as the last chapter was posted, dozens of comments popped up. All wanting to know the same thing. WHERE IS THE NEXT BOOK?!
While it was incredibly gratifying to know they were all so into the story the wanted the next installment right away, there was a small problem. I hadn’t even started writing it yet! Really, the only fix was to…well…grab my laptop and start writing! So I did.
INTAGIBLE took quite a bit longer to write, but it was finished in the spring of 2014, but that brought up another problem.
By that point, Invisible had already been published and was planned to be made a free book once Intangible was published. Publishing Intangible meant pulling it from Wattpad…and boy of boy, were my readers not happy about that!
I got some very unhappy messages for a while, but once I started a review exchange program on Wattpad, they forgave me and started asking for book 3…which I really hadn’t started on quite yet.

I knew they would keep asking…

…which really kept me motivated to be perfectly honest, so I started working on book three, INVINCIBLE. I got a few chapters written and posted on Wattpad, but that’s where it stalled out for a while. It wasn’t the ideas or writing mojo that had dried up, it was time. I had three books under contract with two different publishers during that time that all needed to be finished and prepped for publishing. They had contracts, so they had to take precedence.
I felt really bad not being able to put anything up for my loyal (and very vocal, lol) Wattpad readers, but there just wasn’t any time to work on Invincible for about six months. For readers who were used to getting new chapters every week, I’m sure they thought I’d died for a while there! Messages built up too fast for me to keep up with, all asking where book 3 was and how long it was going to take me to finish it.
It took me until just last month when NaNoWriMo crept up and demanded I be productive to get me on the move. It’s kind of a funny story in itself if you want to check it out! Anyway, I bribed myself and made it a priority to finish Invincible by Nov 30th, 2014 so I could have it edited and ready to release on Dec 24th, Christmas Eve, a Christmas present to my Wattpad readers for sticking in there with me through terrible cliffhangers, unbearable moments of uncertainty in Mason and Olivia’s story, more unanswered questions than you can shake a stick at, and long gaps of radio silence from me.

You guys are the best! This entire series is for all my Wattpad readers who pushed me to keep telling Mason and Olivia’s story until all the questions were answered and they finally got to find out what happened at the end.

Even though Invincible wraps up The Aerling Series, I know those who got to share Mason and Olivia’s story will never really let it end.

Invincible, and all the Aerling books, are available now on your favorite ebook platform as well as paperback.

Invincible is only up for pre-order right now, but when you click it, it’ll will put you on the Christmas order list and by the time you wake up Christmas morning, the final chapter of Mason and Olivia’s story will be there waiting for you. Merry Christmas to all my Aerling fans!

And don’t forget Invisible and Intangible is you haven’t already grabbed your copies!



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