Character Interview: Arcadia (Arcadia’s Gift by Jesi Lea Ryan)

Get ready to meet Arcadia Day, star of Jesi Lea Ryan’s “Arcadia’s Gift” and “Arcadia’s Curse”

Arcadia “Cady” Day is the star of the Arcadia’s Series by Jesi Lea Ryan. The following interview is a chat between the author and her main character.
Jesi:  Thank you, Cady, for sitting down with me today to talk. I know interviews make you nervous.
Cady:  *Sips her bottle of water* Yeah. This is sort of weird. I mean, as my author, you already know everything about me.
Jesi:  Not everything. I feel like I learn more about you every day. But this interview isn’t for me, but for your fans.
Cady:  *shudders* That’s weird too. Having fans. I’m just a seventeen year old girl from Iowa.

Jesi:  Well, I’d argue that you’re much more special than that, but why don’t I let you tell the readers about it. How would you describe yourself to people who have not read your books.
Cady:  Well, like I said, I’m seventeen. I grew up in a completely normal, somewhat boring, family in Dubuque, Iowa. But then my sister died…my twin. It changed everything.
Jesi:  How so?
Cady:  Well, you know how some twins have a psychic connection or whatever? When my sister died, the psychic parts of us reached out and connected.  Only once she was gone, my psychic part never snapped back in. It’s like I have this big invisible umbrella over me, and anyone who steps under it, I can feel all of their emotions.
Jesi:  But you do more than feel their emotions now, right?
Cady:  *blushes*  Yeah, I guess I sort of absorb their emotional energy, and then I can do things with that energy. Makes me feel like a freak. I don’t like to talk about it, can we move on to something else?
Jesi:  No problem. Let’s talk about the boys in your life. You have sort of a love triangle thing going on. How’s that going?
Cady:  I do not have a love triangle!  My boyfriend is Bryan Sullivan.  That’s it. I know Cane Matthews, my sister’s former boyfriend, has some sort of crush on me or whatever, but I’m not interested. I think he has guilt over breaking up with my sister right before she died, and he is projecting that onto me.
Jesi:  You say you’re not interested, but you have kissed him. And you liked it.
Cady:  *grumbles* Guess I can’t hide anything from my author. Fine! Yes, I kissed him back, and I liked it. He kisses like he could medal in it in the Olympics. But it was just biological. I don’t really want him.
Jesi:  But things are strained between you and Bryan right now. Why don’t you tell us about that?
Cady:  Well, Bryan has a blood disease, hemophilia. It means his blood doesn’t clot, so if he bleeds or bruises or whatever, he will get really sick. He could even die. And one of the ways I can use the emotional energy that I absorb from people is by healing. I can stop Bryan’s bleeding. So for the first time in his life, he thinks he can be reckless and have fun like the other guys because if he gets hurt, I can just patch him up.
Jesi:  So what’s the problem then?
Cady:  The healing…takes a toll on me physically. Wipes me out, causes M.S. like symptoms. Honestly, I don’t want to do it anymore, but I don’t know how Bryan will take it when I tell him.
Jesi:  Do you think he will break up with you?
Cady:  I don’t know. I mean, I don’t think he is purposely using me because I can heal him–We started dating before either of us discovered my talent–but there is a small part of me that wonders if he lost interest in me, if he wouldn’t keep me around because I give him some sort of safety net. 
Jesi:  Sounds like you have some decisions to make there. *Cady nods.*  Okay, well let’s talk about your new friend, Bastian Night. Any romantic feelings there?
Cady:  *chuckles* No! Bastian is hot. I mean, need-a-fire-extinguisher-on-stand-by hot. And we have become very close. But it’s not like that between us. For one thing, he is six years older than me, and at seventeen, that’s a big difference. We are at different places in life. What we have is really more of a brother/sister thing. We have both been tortured and tormented, and now we need each other if we are

going to get our heads back on straight. I help him emotionally, and he makes me feel safe and protected.

Jesi:  Well, Cady, I thought we would end this interview on a fun note.  If you were on a cross country road trip, who would you want in the car with you?  And who would be the driver, the navigator, the backseat driver and the person who leads the car games?
Cady:  Ha! Okay, I guess I’d have Bastian drive. Like I said, he makes me feel protected, and I trust him behind the wheel for long distances. I would totally navigate. Cane would be the backseat driver. He is always trying to tell me what to do and how to run my life. And the car games? That would have to be my telepathic friend, Jinx. She is hilarious.
Jesi: You would travel across country without taking your boyfriend, Bryan, with you?
Cady:  *sighs*  I think this interview is over.
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