Character Bio: Kassia (Ice Magic, Fire Magic by Shauna Roberts)

Kassia from the forthcoming Ice Magic, Fire Magic
Name: Kassia
Age: 18
Occupation: In school learning women’s magic. Still. One would think a woman with my abilities and background could be excused!
Most distinctive feature: My exotic blonde hair. I love it. Even if I weren’t beautiful, I would still draw every eye because of it.
Skills and talents: I am the greatest magical Talent of my generation. That’s enough by itself, don’t you think? But I also have excellent taste in clothes and jewelry and superior social skills. And I’m generous with my time: The other students come to me with questions about their magic assignments, and I often help my dutiful, dowdy, do-no-wrong cousin Fila choose clothes. I fix her hair too. She would be helpless without me. 
Biggest fear: That one day my cousin Fila will outshine me.
Biggest secret: Don’t tell anyone, but I have an understanding with Urushi, the Servant’s son. We plan to marry soon. I will cure him even though his mother can’t, and we’ll be happy forever. Shhh!
Quote: I’ll tell you what Father always says: “You’ve got to go along to get along.” He knows how to be popular and successful. He’s the Servant’s closest counselor, as you surely know.
Life goals: Just one: To be chosen by the Land of Veridia to be Its Servant of Enchantment. It’s been my dream since I was a little girl. I know the current Servant is only my mother’s age and I may have a long time to wait. Still, accidents happen.
Author bio:
Shauna Roberts writes fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, and romance. She currently lives in Riverside, California. She was a copyeditor and an award-winning freelance medical and science writer for 21 years before retiring to write fiction. A graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop, she now serves on the Clarion Foundation Board of Directors. In 2011 she won the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Older Writers’ Grant. She teaches occasionally in the University of California at Riverside’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.
Contact and social media links:
Twitter: @ShaunaRoberts5
Like Mayflies in a Stream (historical fiction, Hadley Rille Books, 2009)
Ice Magic, Fire Magic(fantasy, Hadley Rille Books, late 2013)
Claimed by the Enemy(historical romance, self-published, late 2013)
About Ice Magic, Fire Magic:
The sentient land of Veridia chooses Fila as its new Servant of Enchantment. As Servant, Fila must protect Veridia and its two peoples, the magic-gifted Guardians and the nonmagical Toilers. But jealous relatives want her power at any price … even her death. Can Fila trust her only allies, a scholar who has renounced magic and an ancient spirit of pure evil?

Can she survive if she doesn’t?

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2 thoughts on “Character Bio: Kassia (Ice Magic, Fire Magic by Shauna Roberts)”

  1. Thank you, DelSheree, for allowing me to share a little preview of my new novel Ice Magic, Fire Magic. Kassia was a fun character to write because she's so very selfish and self-centered, yet she has a deep drive to help others.


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