Invisible Book Trailer

Check out this awesome fan made book trailer for INVISIBLE! This was made by Chloe O’Grady!!

Thanks so much! I love the trailer!!

Invisible Book Trailer

4 thoughts on “Invisible Book Trailer

  1. Omg!!!!I love it!!!!Invisible is my all time favorite book,what will happen to mason,will he come home safe,will he have to go home can and will Olivia go with him? Can Robbin?!?!?!?!?Does anyone know if she is working on Invisible2 O if it has a new name, o how soon will it come out?!?!?!?


  2. Lol, I love to hear to hear that! I'll have a new chapter up every week, usually friday or saturday. It's so busy with work and my kids sports and such that I really can't get much more done with writing than that. I'm so glad you're enjoying them! Thanks for reading Amanda!


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